Pandora in The Living Room

pandora's jar in the living room

The Pandora’s jar sat in the living room,

upon the main table,

hidden in plain sight.

Moved aside during meals,

children ran and played, never touching it.

If it were to fall,

the worst would befall the entire world.

Unaware of the gravity of the situation,

no one ever let it drop,

or opened it.

Sometimes, acting irrationally allows us to save ourselves and reach farther shores.


Pandora in the living room is a contemplation of human nature and the consequences of our actions.

The Pandora’s jar, symbolizing hidden temptations and dangers, represents the risks and potential catastrophes we may cause when we act without knowledge or awareness.

Its presence in the living room, a common and familiar place, underscores how these risks often lurk in our everyday lives, even if we’re not always fully aware of them.

The fact that no one ever opens the jar could be interpreted as a stroke of luck, destiny, or divine intervention protecting us from the potential dangers that might arise from our innocent actions.

However, the final section also suggests that sometimes the unknown and unconsciousness can be a form of protection, enabling us to reach distant goals without being held back by knowledge of the dangers surrounding us.