Watering Your Feet

AI robot machine watering its feet and short circuit for mistake

To strengthen the cerebral cortex,

water the bottom of your feet.

Prepare for the impact with the earth”.

The machine followed the advice without considering it was meant for humans.

When it watered its own feet,

it short-circuited.

This is the ugly end for those who try to mimic others’ ways of living because they appreciate the results, forcefully adapting them to their own lives without considering that everyone is as they are. 

Including ways of being, 

personal strengths, 

and weaknesses.

It’s better to draw inspiration from various sources and people that fit our characteristics the most.

Better an authentic, lively, and vibrant mosaic,

than a faded copy of someone else’s famous painting,

lacking originality. It will always be just a copy.

This chapter aims to underline how important it is to be authentic and to respect one’s individuality rather than trying to imitate others forcefully.


Watering the bottom of the feet, an unusual action for a machine, symbolizes the attempt to adapt to another’s lifestyle without considering its characteristics and intrinsic limitations. The result, the machine’s short circuit, represents the inevitable failure of this attempt at forced emulation.

Certainly not a fairy-tale happy ending,

but a real and ruthless epilogue of a wrong choice, 

which proves to be fatal.

It’s better to draw inspiration from various sources and people that fit our characteristics, thus creating an authentic and lively mosaic instead of a faded copy of something famous, but already existing.

The message promotes the importance of authenticity and self-awareness in the search and identification of one’s life path.