Peer To Peer Emotions

emotions wireless music guy in the metro of new york NYC

Music transfers sensations and emotions from those who produce it to those who listen. 

The emotional flow transmits through wireless networks.

Keep the connection open. 

Let emotions swirl freely in the air. 

Get emotional! 

That chain of emotions could continue even beyond you. 

A listener becomes a messenger of emotions. 

And so it goes for those who receive them,

and so on…


Music naturally reverberates. 

It’s up to us to send the right messages and open new connections to amplify its reach.

Music thus becomes the primary vehicle for emotional transmission, with its unique ability to evoke feelings and sensations that go beyond words.

This concept suggests that emotions are not limited by physical distance or language barriers but can freely flow from one person to another, creating a deep bond between the individuals involved.

The phrase “Keep the connection open” is an invitation to actively cultivate emotional ties with others, and to be open in our interactions, allowing emotions to flow freely and without barriers. 

The idea that “That chain of emotions could continue even beyond you” suggests that our emotional experiences have the potential to have a lasting impact on the people we encounter along our life’s journey, creating a cascading effect that extends far beyond the present. 

This strong emphasis on amplifying the effects that originate from our actions prompts us to carefully consider our choices. Whether we choose to do good or bad, our actions will have a longer-lasting ripple effect than we may imagine.

The invitation is to actively seek opportunities to share positive emotional and cultural experiences with others, to enrich (enriching oneself), and to amplify the emotional fabric of society as a whole.

The musical artist gifts emotions to thousands, and millions, of people. That’s why it’s a lucrative profession.