Double Book

double tap to buy books to be a free person

How many times in life have you double-tapped to purchase a book?

That double digital touch opens a gateway between the virtual and the real. Open it more often.

Double tap to fill the gap.

And after you open that gateway,

open books too!


The “Double Book” is not just a metaphor, but a conceptual key that unlocks a world of deeper meanings. It’s an invitation to consider the duality that permeates our existence:

the virtual and the real,

the intangible and the tangible,

the appearance and the substance,

the surface and the depth.

When we perform that double digital touch to purchase a book, we’re not just carrying out a technological action, but we’re opening a symbolic door between two dimensions of our lives: the tangible and the digital. The double touch signifies a repeated action, a confirmation of the strength of that address. It’s an act that challenges conventional boundaries, transforming the virtual into the real with a simple gesture.

But there’s more.

It’s a call to awareness, to the will to explore what lies beyond the surface of things. “Double tap to fill the gap” invites us to bridge the divide between what we see and what is hidden, between appearance and truth.

Once this gateway is opened, a new dimension unfolds before us. Books are the gateways to the unknown, to alternate worlds, to ideas that challenge conventions.

Opening them can set us free, turning us into swimmers in an ocean of knowledge and possibilities, enriching our human experience.

The “Double Book” becomes a symbol of open-mindedness and exploration. It’s an invitation to not settle, to go beyond, to discover what lies behind appearances, and to embrace the richness of knowledge.