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There are 3 types of readings that people can order. These readings are Knowledge of self readings, Youth guidance readings, and Compatibility readings. When scheduling a reading the client must select 1 one of these 3 readings which will be the focus of the entire consultation. There is only 1 reading per consultation, therefor if a client wishes to discover more about a particular topic/condition that is unrelated to current reading they must purchase and schedule another consultation.


The “Knowledge of self” reading deals with a client’s understanding of themselves; including their nature, predisposed emotional states, behavior (as well as any potentially self-destructive traits), and purpose. This reading is the most versatile as it can be helpful to those who are trying to find themselves, trying to understand their purpose in life, or simply those who wish to know what to do with their lives moving forward. For this reason, the Knowledge of self reading is considered the standard reading for new-comers to receiving consultations. The foundation of the Knowledge of self reading are the 3 questions which are the following: Who am I? What do I want? And What is my purpose?

Who am I – the question of “who am I” is the first questioned scrutinized during the Knowledge of self reading and is answered through the use of Astrology (via reading a client’s chart and astrological sign), reading the client’s nature Aura, and reading a client’s animal Totem.

What do I want – the question of “what do I want” is the second questioned scrutinized during the Knowledge of self reading and is answered through the use of I Ching and reading the client’s emotional Aura.

What is my purpose – the question of “what is my purpose” is the third and final questioned scrutinized during the Knowledge of self reading and also counts as the closing of the entire consultation as the things discussed in regards to the previous two questions will also be brought up and put into perspective during this portion of the reading. The question of what is my purpose is answered through the use of reading the client’s animal Totem once again and once again consulting the I Ching.

Each question/portion of the reading is preceded by the client being asked to relax and take the brief time to review what it is they were just informed. The relaxing is preformed by the client closing their eyes and taking three deep breaths.

Consultations where the focus is to inform the clients on how to be directing one's energy towards opportunities during a particular moon phase.

Every month phase from the New Phase (New Moon) to the Full Moon Phase (Full Moon) to the Waning Crescent has a meaning and certain things are meant to be done during these phases. 

When the client selects a Lunar Totem reading when purchasing a consultation, look at the Moon Charting Cycles page of moon www.healthwealthandromance.com website, during the reading.  The client will tell the consultant the Moon Phase they selected.  It is recommended that the client write it down so they can remember.  The consultant will tell them the day of that moon phase and the meaning. The consultant will then read the client's Aura, and the client will be given an animal totem based on their Aura as it relates to the meaning of the moon phase  they have selected. This will educate the client on what it means in terms of suggestions on how to channel their energy during that phase and/or day.


“Compatibility” readings are specifically for clients who are looking for information regarding a “relationship”. The information in question pertains to their “compatibility” with their desired “partner” (i.e. if they can harmoniously co-exist within the same space and how they can benefit from one another’s presence). In contrast, Compatibility readings are also for those who are feeling unhappy within their current relationship and what they can do about it.

Astrology and Aura readings are the focal point of these readings, with the primary focus being how the client(s) should interact with their partner. Due to the numerous variables of Compatibility readings there is no precise format: the readings start with the client(s) stating the current nature of their relationship and how they wish to see it develop.

Although most Compatibility readings focus on the romantic relationships, for building a relationship and/or recovering frome one:  "Do The Math" in their charts, separately and then as a couples chart together. Having this information can reveal

  • [_] who the real person is
  • [_] what they want out of a relationship & what challenges there may be
  • [_] why they were attracted to each other
  • [_] when the cycles shift and,
  • [_] how it will affect growth in self & relationship

Most times the attraction is at first based on looks, or harmonious feelings being together because the Universal vibrations has a bigger plan for both of you.

When challenges come up and there is an agreement, there is also personal collective growth involved. That could be as little or as long as it may take. 7 months, 7 years, 70 years.

When challenges come up and there is dissagreement, and no resolution it may or may not lead to departure. That could be as little or as long as it may take. 7 months, 7 years, 70 years.


Always we must thank the person, not cast blame. Wish them well. Then acknowledge the blessing of being in the relationship, and the special personal growth that took place because of the relationship.

Compatibility readings can also be for people with other kinds of relationships, such as interfamilial relationships and friendships.


“Youth guidance” readings are specifically for clients with children in their care (namely parents) and deal with understanding the child’s nature, behavior (especially behavioral traits that mystify the supervising adult), and what their purpose in life is.

The format for Youth guidance readings is for the parent (or an alternate parental figure in some cases) to start by stating whatever anomalous characteristics they witness within their children (an example being that child being much more mature and intuitive compared to other children his/her age), strange behavior that their child often does (examples being the child staring intensely into space for lengthy periods of time, reacting extremely empathically to other people’s emotions despite having little to no connection to them, or hearing voices from an unidentifiable source). The parent(s) can also voice their concerns about what it is it is about their child’s behavior that mystifies/concerns them. Once the parent is finished giving their description of their child’s anomalous characteristics a reading is done on the child via reading the child’s Aura, Animal Totem(s), and analyzing the child’s astrology chart (the information on the child’s birth certificate will be necessary).

The child him/herself does not actually need to be physically present for a Youth guidance reading (although it does help greatly if they are present), all that is required is that child’s parent/parental figure to be present and for the parent/parental to give at least a mildly detailed description of their child’s behavior that they find anomalous or otherworldly. Throughout the reading the parent may also provide additional details about their child’s life which they feel are relevant to the current topic of discussion.