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L'dia Men-Na'a Consultant, Wholistic Health Educator

Wholistic Health Educator, Aromatherapist, Numerologist Illustrator, Food Photographer 770-912-5800


  • Abstinence Certified Sexual Risk Avoidance Instructor  
  • Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider  
  • Acredited Positive Parenting Group Facilitator  
  • STI/HIV/Substance Abuse Prevention Wholistic Health Educator  
  • Certified Doula/Natural Childbirth Educator  
  • Certified Wholistic Health Educator/massage therapist,  
  • Midwife Apprentice


"Birth work" is a passion. Its where the story begins. It is where answers to concerns can be found for balancing life in:

  • [_] HEALTH:      nutrition & activities
  • [_] WEALTH:     business opportunities, careers
  • [_] ROMANCE:   family relationships, friendships, partnerships Life experiences of health, wealth, and romance is written into the patterns of birth accompanied by choices made in the past for this lifetime, in association with the shifting of vibrational cycles.


Practical exercises teach & intergrate the "Knowledge Of Self" for Self-Development & Life Purpose to address: missed opportunities, disappointments, anger & stress management to create peace & harmony within self while reducing "At-Risk" behaviors. Discussions involve re-membering of how womblife & birth affects the cycles of life & are at the root of emotions. Exploring ways of releasing the undesirable weaker character traits & build upon the stronger attributes, through practicing ancient creative therapies of:

  • [_] Aroma
  • [_] Color
  • [_] Music
  • [_] Meditation
  • [_] Food &
  • [_] Environmental awareness.



All decisions made to utilize the information or activities is strictly that of the participant. Information is educatioonal and does not constitute as medical advice, and in no way encourages or supports decisions to abandon medication or regimens prescribed by one's doctor. The information is shared with the understanding that each person accepts complete responsibility for their own and of their family's health and well-being. The results of any techniques suggested cannot always be anticipated and never guaranteed. The Wholistic Health Educator(s) is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of remedies, procedures, techniques, or preparations included in group presentations or in private consultations.  Partcipant(s) must always consult with their own guidance. The information contained in each assignment package is not intended to be used as a medical diagnosis or prescription for any physical or mental ailments. Anyone seeking medical advice should personally meet with a qualified health care practitioner. For any mental or physical illness or discomforts, it is the participant’s responsibility to do research & seek the advice of a professional healer, physician, qualified mental or physical health care practitioner.

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