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Character Building


[] 1 Leadership, Pioneer, make the old new. Finish what you start with the right use of your will power. 

  • Books: invention, pioneers, writing, architecture
  • Keys: Sports, gardening, construction, healing, music 


[] 2 Diplomacy, understanding, aware of others. Don't waste energy waiting for help from others. 

  • Books: Anatomy, reflexology, culinary arts  
  • Keys: Alternative & complementary medicine


[] 3 Motivating others, sociable, optimistic. Rise as far as your imagination can take you. 

  • Books: Dreams, psychology, language arts, animals
  • Keys: Social interaction within community shedding light


[] 4 Conservative, determined, problem solver. Internalize universal principles & values. 

  • Books: Feng Shui, landscape, electronics, astronomy
  • Keys: Advising, organizing, mechanic


[] 5 Outgoing,unpredictable, communicator. Be responsible, guard against impulsiveness. 

  • Books: Import & export, cultures & world customs, journalism
  • Keys: writing, acting, music, politics, media


[] 6 Supportive, responsibilities for community. Organize, avoid rushing through projects. 

  • Books: Traditions, cultural songs/dances, family health care, nutrition
  • Keys: healing service to family & community, designer


[] Charming, dignified, finding purpose. Evaluate time and labor before accepting projects. 

  • Books: Science: oceanography, metaphysics, religions, poetry
  • Keys: technical, psychological, & spiritual problem solving   


[] In charge, fact finding, decision making. Be sensitive, respect boundaries & keep order.   

  • Books: Folklore, geology, criminal laws, business law, philosophy
  • Keys: service for higher purpose, financial executive power


[] 9 Courageous, leader, dreamer, dramatic. Control impulsiveness, look before leaping. 

  • Books:   The art of war,  world events, universal  principles, quantum physics, theatre 
  • Keys: making the world better with fortunes, creative arts

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