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This time of the year is a great time to reflect on our family and friendships. It's the perfect time to catch up and get synced with our loved ones as well!

What I Love About This Season

The best thing about this season is... Hmmm, that's a tough one. There's so much I like that picking just one thing seems disingenuous to the other favorites.

Holiday TidBits






[_]  Jul. 26/Aug 22      1 Month                


[_] IRON:  Sacred Womb


Magnetic Bat Moon Of Purpose  


What Is My Purpose?                                         


Power: Unify                    Action: Attract


Bats symbolize initiation and rebirth to the ancient Mayans. It holds the promise of rebirth and coming out of the darkness.  It allows one to break down the former self through tests and facing of fears.  To allow dying an aspect of one’s life that is no longer useful.  Let go of the old things in order to create new realities.  Bats symbolize a promise of empowerment amidst the chaos of change.


[] Take responsibility for one’s life


[] Open the power within to face and override all fears.


[] Look beyond the immediate and limited circumstances


[] New horizons and unexpected views about to manifest


[] Awaken to hear spirit, discern words & hidden messages




Investigate my purpose in life.  Keeping in mind that purpose transforms as the “now” shifts.  No purpose is too small, all little functions serve the grand weaving of reality.




[_] Aug. 23/Sept. 19 2nd Month


[_] B9: Guard Your Mind, Alarming Signs


Lunar Scorpion Moon Of Challenge


What Is My Challenge?


Power: Polarize Action: Stabilize




See the light which creates the shadows.  Night and day are faces of one earth as it revolves. Counter balances exists to serve each other.  Through the eyes of duality, challenges appears as hardship, when truly, challenges come to all bearing the blessings of opportunity.  Stabilize by receiving the necessary opposition which strengthens one’s position.




[_] Sept. 20/Oct.  18 3rd Month


[_] B6:  Positive Frame Of Mind & Breastfeeding


Electric Deer Moon Of Service


How Can I Best Serve


Power: Activate Action: Bond


Gentleness & innocence.  Look for opportunities that stimulate gentle new growth.  Deer medicine reminds us to establish strong healthy connections with the youth before we expose him/her to many people and other strange energies.


In Muslim cultures a mother breastfeeds her newborn for a prescribed time, giving the child attention and enabling the child to link with the family more strongly.  No visitors other than the father were allowed contact with the newborn.  The mother protects the newborn from subtle outside influences, as she understands the subtle energy and changes that influences the auras or energy fields of electro-magnetic human body.  Until the youth’s energy is strong and firmly grounded, it should be protected from extraneous influences. 


A time for expressing gentle love that will open new doors to adventure.


[] Pay attention to inner thoughts and perceptions


[] Look for new perceptions & degrees to grow & expand


[] Look for new innocence, or adventures to be awakened


[] Move gently back to traditional family unit and roles


[] Detect subtle movements hear what is not being said




[_] Oct.  19/Nov. 14 4th Month


[_] CALCIUM: A Healthy Community


Self-Existing Owl Moon Of Form


What Is The Form Of Action?


Power: Define Action: Measure


Healing, silent wisdom, prophecy, and vision.  A symbol of femininity, fertility, the moon, and the night.  To the Pawnee the owl was a symbol of protection.  Owl medicine is associated with clairvoyance and astral projection.  Hear what is not being said in order to detect and pinpoint the subtleties.  See the shadows and deception in the motives of others.  The ability to look into the eyes and souls of others, trust the imaginings positive and negative.  Keep silent and go about one’s business in order to achieve the greatest.  Conserve energy while continuing to be observant, going into action when the opportunity presents itself.  Timing is important.  Be non-threatening, in spite of one’s power and ability.  True strength is gentle.


[] Extracting secrets


[] Detect subtle movements and changes


[] See what is not in the open


[] Develop skills, talents and courage


[] Easy childbirth


[] When neck is stiff/inflexible one’s perceptive is hindered




Defining requires that one takes measurements to ensure one’s desired design.  Recipes for creation should be recorded so that others can replicate as needed. 


Specify, calculation, accuracy, precision, formulation, discernment, observation, and evaluation.


Function as an open system to be capable of re-structuring one’s perspectives in order to trans-form one’s reality.




[_] Nov. 15/Dec. 12 5th Month


[_]  B12: A Spiritual Union


Overtone Peacock Moon Of Radiance


How Can I Best Empower Myself?


Power: Empower Action: Command


The peacock resembles the traditional descriptions of the phoenix.  The phoenix is legendary for its resurrection that is sacrificed in the fires of life and then rises from the flames out of its own ashes, a symbol of past-life connections.  In ancient Kemet the peacock was associated with royalty, wisdom, vision, and immortality.




After foundation has been set, this tone empowers the forms of expression.  All radiance originates from a center.  Radiate while still containing one’s center of vitality through self-love.  Share one’s full grace without dispersing one’s essence.  Relinquish unnecessary limitations of linearity. 




[_] Dec. 13/Jan.  9 6th Month


[_] 6. PROTEIN: First Touch: Massage & Meditation


Rhythmic Lizard Moon Of Equality


How Can I Organize For Equality?


Power: Organize Action: Balance


Psychic and intuitive associated with dreamtime in many indigenous traditions.  Learn to follow perceptions.  Become more objectively detached in life in order to survive with the least difficulty.  Separate self from others to be able to do the things that one desires to do.


[] Bridge the subconscious with the conscious


[] Pay attention to dreams


[] Feeling what others may not


[] Hearing what is not being said


[] Seeing things that others may miss


[] Break from the past




Accept that life is a process—in endless motion, therefore endless organization and re-organization.  With this understanding enjoyment can be derived when one allows life’s constant change to be met with enthusiasm.  There is a process of maintenance: Preservation, upkeep and systematic coordination of parts.  This is a reminder that continual reoccurring opportunities will arise to clean one’s house.  Navigate through the day remembering that “this too shall pass” and “this too shall return”.




[_] Jan.  10/ Feb. 6 7th Month


[_] 7. IODINE: Sexual Energy


Resonant Monkey Moon Of Attunement


How Can I Attune My Service To Others?


Power: Channel Action: Inspire


Act in spontaneous unpredictable ways.  Smile, don’t be so serious.  There is magic in moments.  There is perfection in everything that happens.  A smile is revealed as walls tumble down, the illumination of Essence will shine through.  Bring humor and fun into daily life.  Explore concerns with creativity and playfulness rather than trying to rationally “think” the solution through.  Amplify difficult situations to bring out the humor.  When things seem too complex, simplify them.  It is time to bring out the divine inner child and let this child dance, draw, color, sing, laugh, and play.  Live dreams and visions, seeing everything as sacred, delightful, and joyful.  Walk the path of innocence.


[] There is nothing to do or to be, except to embody the simple presence of love.




Whatever energies one is exposed to, there is the ability to resonate with or vibrate at like frequency with.  Music has the ability to influence moods on the emotional, physiological, or mental sates.  Be more selective of what one brings into one’s field of play.  Discernment directs one to find one’s own state of right-alignment within any situation. 




Each of the 7 energy centers along the spine serve as a sensitive receptor and transmitter.  The cumulative vibration of the 7 “Chakras” determines one’s frequency at each moment. 




Acknowledge the frequencies that one is surfing at any given moment.  Claim the frequency one is called to align with.  Allow inspiration to move through the sacred corridor.  Ask and  be shown how to bring fourth purely what is needed to be brought forth, speaking clearly for the now.




[_] Feb.  7/Mar. 6 8th Month


[_] 8. SELENIUM: Baby Shower: Community Support


Galactic Hawk Moon Of Integrity


Do I Live What I Believe?


Power: Harmonize Action: Model


The messenger, visionary, guardian and the protector of the air.  Flying to great heights while keeping feet on the ground.  Being able to activate higher levels of consciousness and rising to a higher level through rapid development.  Intensity in the area of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical forces.  To the Pueblo the Red Tailed Hawk was known as the Red Eagle.  The feathers were used in healing ceremonies and for bringing the rains and waters necessary for life.  It is a reminder to use one’s creative energies by spreading of the wings to great width.


[] Childhood visions becoming empowered and fulfilled


[] Moving toward one’s soul purpose


[] Attacked by those who don’t understand


[] Balance energy. Discover one’s true purpose in life


[] Reflecting a need to be open to the new


[] Teaching others to be open to the new


[] Be observant to the signals of life




Integrity is the state of being complete or undivided.  Collect and embrace all aspects of oneself, working to establish inner and outer concord.  Integrity requires consistency.  Model the entirety of one’s being in accord with the truth as one knows it to be.




[_] Mar. 7/Apr. 3   9th Month


[_] 9. MAGNESIUM: Stress & Pregnancy


Solar Jaguar Moon Of Intention


How Do I Attain My Purpose?


Power: Pulse Action: Realize


Reclaiming one’s power.  Moving from poles of existence to new life without poles or barriers.  In Latin America the Jaguar is a symbol of mastery over all dimensions.  The roar is the roar of thunder.  The Jaguar reflects reclaiming of that which was lost.  Jaguar medicine gives the ability to go beyond what has been imagined, with opportunity to do so with discipline and control.


[] Temper responses. Do unintentionally wound others


[] Longstanding wounds begin to heal


[] Old issues begin to resolve


[] Things that created childhood suffering and a loss of power and creativity are about to be reawakened, confronted and transmuted


[] Recognize the transforming nature of sexual energies and how to direct them consciously.




New connections emerge revealing unlimited options for thought and experience.  “Whatever you put your attention on grows stronger in your life”  Harness energy-information by directing it.  Pulsing is a way to amplify or communicate using mental, spiritual, and emotional energy united.  Exercise one’s natural ability to be in the telepathic contact.  It requires clarity, connection, and—like one’s body’s pulse—a steady, streaming surge of energy.  Realize one’s vast capacity to broadcast one’s truths, both subtly and physically.




[_]Apr.  4/May 1 10th Month


[_] 10. E:  Empowered Childbirth Baby Remembers


Planetary Dog Moon Of Manifestation


How Do I Perfect What I Do?


Power: Pulse Action: Realize


Faithfulness and protection.  In India the dog is a symbol of caste systems, reflecting the small becoming great.  Dogs are also a symbol of motherhood because dogs are very caring and nurturing parents.  It takes a lot to break a dogs spirit.  Dogs have the ability to love, even when abused.  It’s spirit and willingness to love and to be a companion is great.


[] Unconditional love


[] Companionship


[] Faithfulness




Heavens touch the earth; mind and matter unite.  Without judgment there is only perfection.  Accept that there is an already existing, inherent perfection in all that is manifest, as it is.  Attempting to be overly perfectionist is counter-productive.




[_] May  2/May 29 11th Month


[_] 11. B15: Postpartum Care &  Bonding


Spectral Serpent Moon Of Liberation


How Do I Release And Let Go?


Power: Dissolve Action: Release


Hun Lahun:


Letting go of what one holds on to, vast unforeseen opportunities emerge.  In the same way that a beam of white light passes through a prism to create the full band of colors, an entire spectrum of one’s being that is exposed when one disperses into formless existence.


What appears as destruction or chaos is actually the necessary force of liberation evoking the release from rigid, self-defeating identities one is attached to:


[] fears,


[] thought– forms,


[] mental constructs,


[] judgments,


[] patterns of behavior,


[] default perceptions,


[] dependence upon material securities,


[] habitual emotional reactions—


[] the myriad of veils which weigh one down. 


Allow one’s focus to cover a broad range.  Dissolve feelings of constrictions.  Welcome spontaneity, seeming disruptions, and unexpected detours.  Release allegiance to limitations, reliance upon format, or fixation upon control.  Allow energy to travel as it needs.




[_] May 30/Jun. 26 12th Month


[_] 12. ZINC: A HIGHER PURPOSE 1st Nurse 1st Teacher


Crystal Rabbit Moon Of Cooperation


How Can I Dedicate Myself To All That Lives?


Power: Dedicate Action: Universalize


New life, a symbol of sexuality and fertility.  Rabbit is imbued with ambition, finesse, and virtue.  It is known for making great leaps and hops.  A time for recognizing the tides in one’s life and to attune oneself to the lunar cycles.  This will allow for more fertility in regards to successes in life.


[] Movement occurring in life in varying degrees of leaps and hops during a 28 day cycle of the moon


[] Not a steady step-by-step movement


[] A time for checking plans


[] Do not box oneself in a corner, plan for possibilities


[] Learn to move quickly in order to take advantage of opportunities that may only be present for brief moments


[] Maintain a vegetarian regime for strengthening and healing.


Ca Lahun:


Every individual has a place in the formation.  Honor the needs of the whole system so that all can benefit from the collaborative living art.  Share the fruits with one’s community.  One’s efforts of perseverance and commitment are graciously received.  Experience one’s being as an integral part of a divine network of creative energy.




[_] Jun.  27/Jul. 24 13th Month


[_] 13. C: Plans For Family Planning


Cosmic Turtle Moon Of Presence


How Can I Increase My Joy And Love?


Power: Endure Action: Transcend


Turtle medicine is a symbol of Mother Earth, longevity and the awakening of heightened sensibilities.  See the connection to all things.  Care for the earth and she will care for us, protect and nurture the earth and she will do the same for us.  The shell is a symbol of heaven, and the square underside is a symbol of the earth.  The markings and sections on some turtles total to the number 13.  In the lunar calendar, there are 13 full moons or 13 new moons alternating each year.  Turtle is a symbol of primal mother.  In Nigeria, the turtle is a symbol of the female sex organs and sexuality.  In Indigenous America the turtle is associated with the lunar cycle, menstruation, and the power of the female energies.  This is a time to be reminded that all that is needed is available, if one approaches it in the right manner.


[] Go within and come out when ideas are ready to be expressed


[] Unite heaven and earth within one’s own life


[] Learn new perceptions about time & one’s relationship to it


[] Heighten the sense of smell and higher discrimination


[] Slow down so as not to miss opportunities


[] Take time to let the natural flow of energy work, too much too soon, can upset the balance


Ox Lahun:


Be present to the spirit which flows through and animates all things.  13 asks for transcend to rise above one’s limitations to travel beyond facts which restrict, in order to cross the barrier of the status quo. 


13 has the ability to shape shift into any energy.  Ride time in the present.  Be patient, aware and receptive to exactly what is occurring as it is occurring.  Presence bestow depths of feeling—intimate information held by the moment.  Every moment presents the opportunity to elevate one’s thoughts and behaviors beyond conditioned responses.  Expand and feel interrelations with all of life.







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